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At Treves d.o.o. they proved once again that they care about being human. AED defibrillator was installed in its premises last month to provide care and first aid to both employees and customers. They also organized a presentation of basic resuscitation procedures using an automatic defibrillator.

An automatic external defibrillator or AED is a portable electronic device that automatically detects heart rhythm disturbance. Its use is very simple because it is intended for both medical staff and lay people. Defibrillation means the delivery of electrical current to the heart muscle through the chest wall in order to break the cardiac arrest.

The defibrillator is used when the affected person does not answer the call and does not take a normal breath during a few seconds of observation. Because cardiac arrest is a matter of seconds, it is important that we remain alert and act quickly. If we feel that the affected person is not responding and not breathing, we immediately call 112. If we are alone in the rescue, we must quickly estimate how long it takes to get to the nearest defibrillator. If this time is more than two minutes of running time, we do not leave the affected person, but immediately start performing TPO. Otherwise, bring the defibrillator as soon as possible, open the lid, switch on the appliance, place the self-adhesive electrodes on the bare skin of the chest and follow the instructions given in the speech.

Source: pdfGlasilo za Trebnje