Company Treves d.o.o. from Bič, which specializes in the production of products for sound and thermal insulation of cars, successfully completed a large investment in 2017, which doubled the production capacities. For a number of years, their only client was Revoz, and from the middle of last year, Magna from Austria's Graz was their buyer. In order to meet the needs of a new customer, they had to greatly increase their production capacity at Bič.

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Having a highly motivated team of expert employees has helped Treves d.o.o. to become a successful and rapidly growing company in Slovenia and in the global Treves group which employs 7000 people in 42 companies located in 20 countries all around the world. In 2017 the sales are expected to rise for another 10 per cent. This means Treves d.o.o. needs new employees.

The company Treves d.o.o. from Bič is celebrating its 10th birthday. In 2005, Treves d.o.o. became the supplier of automotive parts for the company Revoz which remained its only customer by 2015. However, at the company's celebration with the employees and the business partners,  Andrej Baškovič, general manager of Treves d.o.o., stressed that they were putting all efforts in attracting new customers from abroad.

In 2014, The 7th Annual Human Resource Management event was titled ”The Creativity of Human Resource Management in A Crisis“, and there the company Treves d.o.o. from Veliki Gaber, in the municipality of Trebnje, was presented with the award for exemplary human resources management practices in Dolenjska and Bela Krajina for 2013.