At the 12th traditional Educational management 2012 conference, held in Bled yesterday,  Planet GV in cooperation with the Institute for Educational Management Sofos presented awards to 10 Slovene businesses and organisations for systematically investing in the education and development of their employees (Top 10 – Educational Management 2012).

This year awards were given to: Krka (Novo mesto), Revoz (Novo mesto), Treves (Bič), Ernst & Young, IBM Slovenija, Lek, Tobačna Ljubljana, Unija, računovodska hiša, Zavarovalnica Triglav and Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije.

The aim of these awards is to publicly present the best Slovene businesses or organisations that systematically invest in knowledge. The other two objectives are to encourage a faster development of educational practices and to improve the reputation of the educational function.

The call for applications was opened until 24th September, for businesses and organisations distinctively showing that:

  • Their educational and business strategies are directly interrelated
  • They systematically collect new knowledge, support learning and stimulate sharing  tacit knowledge
  • They enable their employees to test and share their newly gained knowledge
  • Motivate all their employees to educate themselves.

Source: Dolenjski list

Family-owned Treves group was founded in France in 1836 and first came to Slovenia in 2005. The group specializes in producing components for automobile interiors including those that determine the acoustics. Slovene branch of Treves, now employing 65 people, was started to provide floor carpeting and acoustic insulation for the company Revoz in Novo mesto. The owners strived to locate the production close to the buyer, thus they found an appropriate location in the town of Bič, where they rented 4,000 square meters of facilities from the company Eurotek.

Andrej Baškovič, the GM of Treves d.o.o., said they sell 99 per cent of their products to Revoz, but in the past, they sold 20 per cent of their products to France. In order to present the company's activities to the local environment, they opened their facilities to public and invited the municipality of Trebnje’s management for a visit.

Source: Dolenjski list