The company Treves d.o.o. is aware that the protection of the environment and the concern for the conservation of natural resources is their heritage and commitment for tomorrow.

Environmental management is an integral part of the company's management. After business and strategic decisions, the environmental objectives, which are implemented through the planning and implementation of environmental programs, and the monitoring and measurement of environmental impacts, are taken into account.

The taken environmental policy reduces the negative effects on the environment and follows the set goals:

  • management of production processes in accordance with the legislative requirements for the protection of the environment, health and property,
  • modernization of technological processes in accordance with the best available methods and techniques,
  • ensuring safety measures and reducing negative environmental impacts,
  • economic management and use of energy and water resources,
  • reduction of the amount of waste and the generated waste industrial packaging and
  • reducing or eliminating the use of hazardous substances in production processes.

All environmental aspects of the company were systematically regulated in accordance with the ISO 14001-2015 standard, which has been renewed in 2018.

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